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The Classics - Smoke Fuel

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Not all smoke flavours are created equal and not all tastebuds are the same! Are you a sweet & fruity kinda cocktail sipper or into a dark, richly intense blend? Our Smoked Cocktail Kits are as good as useless without the main attraction. Restock your Smoke Fuel with The Classics, wood chips & pellets, as available in our Smoked Cocktail Kits.

Fun fact: apple wood chips are one of the most commonly used wood flavours in the world of BBQ & beverage smoking.

Serving Instructions & Extras:

  • Each Smoke Fuel pack contains 3 different wood flavours. Each flavour contains 3 servings (1 lid-full = 1 serving) & each servings can be used 2-3 times, that's like 6-9 cocktails per flavour!
  • Check out the 'How To' Video on our blog for a visual guide to making a smoked cocktail.
  • But is it safe? Great question—yes, it is! See more on our FAQ page.
  • For more info about all our Smoke Fuel flavours, read the Aroma & Flavour Guide.
  • Wondering what the difference is between wood chips, shavings & pellets? All the answers are on our blog.

Pack Contains:

  • Red Wine Oak Barrel Wood Pellets
  • Red Delicious Apple Wood Chips
  • Black Cherry Wood Chips