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Entertainer - Smoked Cocktail Kit

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The party invite says BYO drinks, but taking a pre-bottled sugar mix just doesn't satisfy your sophisticated taste-buds. Don't keep the sipping excitement behind closed doors! Share it with your mates & show off your new smoked cocktail technique by creating jaw-dropping, nostril tingling, smoked cocktails with everyone. The Entertainer Kit includes a stunning Glass Dome which fits many different shaped drinking glasses & remains fingerprint-free with a convenient glass ball handle. The dome is placed on the Slate Dish which has been tested & proven to endure the extreme heat produced by our powerful Butane Torch Lighter. Guys, it’s time to bring the party to your house.

Care Instructions & Extras: 

  • Glass & Slate items are not dishwasher safe & should be washed by hand.
  • Check out the 'How To' Video on our blog for a visual guide to making a smoked cocktail.
  • But is it safe? Great question—yes, it is! See more on our FAQ page.
  • For more info about all our Smoke Fuel flavours, read the Aroma & Flavour Guide.
  • Have you considered adding additional Smoke Fuel to the kit for more infusion options? Trust me, you want to get some!

Kit Contains: 

  • Slate Burning Dish 30cm x 15cm
  • Glass Smoking Dome 21cm x 11cm
  • Butane Torch Lighter (excludes butane gas - shop AUS or USA)
  • And Molotov Smoked Cocktail Recipe Card
  • Red Delicious Apple Wood Chips
  • Black Cherry Wood Chips
  • Red Wine Oak Barrel Wood Pellets