Is this a good gift for a non-smoker?

Absolutely, there is no direct inhaling of smoke with a smoked cocktail, if this occurs you're doing something wrong. In the same way that cheese & meats are smoked, smoked cocktails are simply infused to enhance the aromas. Smoke molecules actually attach better to cold things than they do to hot, so less smoke fuel is required than a traditional BBQ smoker.

Is the smoke safe to consume?

(See the above question) We source 100% Australian wood chips, pellets & shavings, which we guarantee are full of wonderful aromas. If you suffer from any respiratory degradation or severe asthma, know your limits.

Can I use the kit indoors?

Great question, yes & no. Please don't light the wood chips directly under a smoke detector, good chance it will go off. However, if you're using the kit in a well-ventilated area with a window open or an exhaust fan going, you should be fine to use the kit indoors. All images posted on social media or website pages are created using either the small lighter found in each kit or a larger butane canister - no fire alarms have been set off in the making of these images.. (touch wood).

How many cocktails can I make with my kit?

Kits that contains 3 different wood flavours can make around 20 smoked cocktails.
In detail, each flavour contains 3 servings (1 lid-full = 1 serving) & each serving can be used 2-3 times, so that's around 6-9 cocktails per flavour. The large Bulk Size jars are the same as 10 small containers, so each jar can make around 70 cocktails, woah!

How do I actually use the kit?

Check out the "How To Make A Smoked Cocktail - Video" blog for a visual guide to using the kits. The Cocktail Recipes Blog explains the steps to be taken for each of our listed cocktails, even though the smoking method is the same throughout.

What’s the best cocktail concoction?

We’ve included a Cocktail Recipe Card with every smoking kit, which offers our recommendations using the wood flavours specific to And Molotov. Keep an eye on our Cocktail Recipes Blog, exciting cocktail & wood flavour combos coming your way. But don’t let us tell you how to mix, get creative, challenge your tastebuds & bring out your inner smoke mixologist.

Where do I purchase butane for my torch lighter?

Unfortunately, due to postage regulations we can’t include butane for your awesome torch lighter. A small pack of butane gas can be picked up from the BBQ section of your local hardware store - shop AUS or USA. Avoid using cheap butane, good quality butane will promote longevity of your lighter by burning clean & keeping the jets in working order, less impurities = happy lighter. Watch the refill video on our blog.

Where do you ship?

Internationally! Australia, NZ, USA, Canada & Mexico. Further international shipping is on the horizon! Please get in touch if you live outside these countries. See bottom of page.

How much is shipping?

Rate is calculated at checkout based on parcel size. All values listed are in AUD. Free Shipping over $100 for all Australian orders.

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How long is shipping?

Shipping is via door-to-door courier services, PO Box addresses are not accepted.

Australia Standard Shipping
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International Shipping
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Guaranteed Christmas delivery

Order before these dates to ensure your gift makes it under the tree in time.

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What are the payment methods?

Standard payment methods - VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, & PayPal.
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Interest-free payments - AfterPay

Can I get a refund or return?

We have spent many many hours/months developing an exciting and easy-to-use kit that we hope you love as much as we do. However, if our kits are faulty, damaged or not doing as we say they will, we will provide a refund or replacement*. Please take a clear, smoke-free photo of any kit concerns and email us at info@andmolotov.com.au. Return shipping costs or replacements will be negotiated after we assess your case. Refunds will not be available for change of mind or damage caused by the user.
* Under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CCA)

Shaken, stirred or smoked?

Smoked, baby!

Why didn’t you answer my question?

Sorry, your question must be as unique as our kits. Get in touch by email or the magic boxes below!

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