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Aussie Natives - Smoke Fuel

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The quality of a smoked cocktail goes all the way back to the soil in which the smoking wood is grown. Our wood shavings are grown in 100% Aussie soil, meaning they're the cream of the crop. If you’re considering expanding your cocktail aroma potential, then the unique scents of these little Aussie legends are for you. Add Australian wood shavings to your Smoke Fuel collection, available exclusively in the Aussie Natives Edition.

Serving Instructions & Extras:
  • Each Smoke Fuel pack contains 3 different wood flavours. Each flavour contains 3 servings (1 lid-full = 1 serving) & each servings can be used 2-3 times, that's like 6-9 cocktails per flavour!
  • Check out the 'How To' Video on our blog for a visual guide to making a smoked cocktail.
  • But is it safe? Great question—yes, it is! See more on our FAQ page.
  • For more info about all our Smoke Fuel flavours, read the Aroma & Flavour Guide.
  • Wondering what the difference is between wood chips, shavings & pellets? All the answers are on our blog.

Pack Contains:

  • Jarrah Wood Shavings
  • Ironbark Wood Shavings
  • Spotted Gum Wood Shavings