Chips, Shavings or Pellets? Which makes the best smoke?

What's a smoked cocktail without, well, the main ingredient? And what do we need to do to get the richest, most aromatic smoky infusions? We've tried & tested the And Molotov range of flavoured smoke fuels, and like any Mum with multiple kiddos, we have our favourite. Each wood type has different burning properties, so let's help you choose your favourite, no secrets here.


100% Aussie wood chips, Apple & Cherry
And Molotov Wood Chips

It wouldn't be a wood smoking business without the classic wood chip. Chips are your run-of-the-mill smoke fuel. Generally, they're a fairly standard shape and size most commonly used for meat & cheese smoking. But voila, they make excellent smoke for cocktails! Each container of And Molotov wood has 3 servings and each serving can be reused 2 or 3 times, so that's about 6-9 cocktails. We reuse the chips by giving them a little shuffle on the slate dish after each burn (once cooled), allowing the bottom unburnt chips to make it to the top and although charred, chips can continue to produce flavoursome smoke if lit again. Chips are a great wood type for long, slow smoldering which is necessary for your slow BBQ meat smoking. But we're in the game of cocktail smoking, so that aint' a real priority of ours, we're after a decent amount of smoke in less time than it takes for my ice to melt*. That's where the butane torch lighter comes in handy, boy does that thing produce some heat & get those chippies smoking quickly!
* unashamed plug for the best Stainless Steel Whiskey Rocks.


100% Aussie wood shavings, Jarrah, Ironbark & Spotted GumAnd Molotov Wood Shavings

The smallest of the And Molotov collection are shavings and these are exclusive to the Aussie Natives Editions of smoke fuel. Does it get any more Aussie than using the woods that are native to our land? The answer is no. Shavings are super unique and work great as a fast burning smoke producer. They require less energy from the butane torch since they are certainly not as dense as chips or pellets. Due to the high surface area of the shavings, a decent amount of smoke will be produced quickly. It's important not to overcook these little guys by absolutely charring the life out of them. Move quickly and try to cover the whole pile with the lighter, then cover the wood with the glass dome before all the smoke disappears. The smoke produced will be less thick & white than that produced by the chips, it's more likely to appear delicate & wispy but flavoursome nonetheless.


100% Australian wood pellets, Red Wine Oak Barrel
And Molotov Wood Pellets

The cute mini-bullet shaped wood pieces are Pellets. These guys are And Molotov's premium smoke fuel choice, found in all our Smoked Cocktail Kits or as extras in The Classics. Pellets are small compacted wood fibres, held together through manufacturing compression. Of the different And Molotov woods, pellets aren't the show-stoppers in creating billowing smoke, so maybe don't whip them out if you're trying to impress a hot date. They do however produce some of the most incredible aromas which are sure to enhance your cocktail flavours. Our Red Wine Oak Barrel pellets bring back the nostalgia of winery & vineyard aromas, minus the headache we've all had after a day of cellar doors.

Which smoke fuel do you prefer for flavour, aroma or wow-factor smokiness? Have a request for our next smoke fuel flavour? We want to hear that too!

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