How to refill a butane torch lighter - Video

butane torch lighter burning wood chips on a slate dish with a cocktail in a glass next to the fire

Woah is that a lightsaber from another galaxy? No, it's an And Molotov butane torch lighter. Could've fooled me.

butane torch lighter burning wood chips on a slate dish with a cocktail in a glass next to the fire

How disappointing is pulling out the ice tray only to see it's empty?! It's called preparation people, so let's set the foundations for the lighter component of our smoky sipping experience.

butane torch lighter burning wood chips on a slate dish with a cocktail in a glass next to the fire

The second most important thing about making a smoked cocktail is producing some incredibly seductive aromas. The first thing however, is about doing it safely, and the powerful little &M lighter is a tool to be handled with caution. Though it's just that, a tool not a toy - always keep away from children & if you've had a couple of smoky cocktails, it's best to make this one a mocktail or hand the tools over to your pal.

butane torch lighter burning wood chips on a slate dish with a cocktail in a glass next to the fire

Unfortunately, due to postage regulations we can’t include butane for your awesome torch lighter in our smoked cocktail kits. A small pack of butane gas can be picked up from the BBQ section of your local hardware store. Avoid using cheap butane, good quality butane will promote longevity of your lighter by burning clean & keeping the jets in working order, aka: less impurities = happy lighter.

butane torch lighter burning wood chips on a slate dish with a cocktail in a glass next to the fire

Location is important, always use the lighter & smoked cocktail kit in a well-ventilated area, away from heat sources, sparks & flames. And please friends, never touch the flame, this is non-negotiable. For a full list of instructions & safety notes, the recipe card provided with each smoked cocktail kit should be read & understood prior to commencing any &M lighter refill.


  1. Hold lighter UPRIGHT & remove all gases by pressing on the inlet valve with a small screwdriver until all gases are released, a hissing sound may be heard. Failure to depressurise before use may affect performance of the lighter.
  2. Set flame adjustment to the lowest setting, turn valve clockwise towards the ( - ) position.
  3. Hold lighter UPSIDE DOWN & insert butane canister nozzle into lighter fuel valve, hold still & press down firmly for 5 seconds.
  4. If liquid is expelled, stop immediately, the tank is at capacity
  5. Place lighter down to rest for 5 minutes, allowing gases to stabilise & reach room temperature. Fuel is cold when refilling & expands as it reaches room temp, don’t skip this step!
  6. If a hissing sound is heard, do not attempt to ignite. Carryout a troubleshoot or contact And Molotov for a replacement lighter.
  7. Set flame adjustment as desired, use caution, this little tool is pretty powerful.
  8. If lighter fails to ignite, empty tank & repeat steps 1 – 7.



    My lighter doesn't look like a lightsaber! Ok sorry to mislead you, it's not one. But here's a few reasons why it mightn't be functioning at maximum capacity. Try troubleshooting before throwing that lighter off the balcony buddy.

    how to refill a butane torch lighter troubleshooting



    Is the smoke safe to consume?

    Absolutely, there is no direct inhaling of smoke with a smoked cocktail, if this occurs you're doing something wrong. We source 100% Australian wood chips, pellets & shavings, which we guarantee are full of wonderful aromas. If you suffer from any respiratory degradation or severe asthma, know your limits. 

    How do I actually use the kit?

    Check out the "How To Make A Smoked Cocktail - Video" blog for a visual guide to using the kits. The Cocktail Recipes Blog explains the steps to be taken for each of our listed cocktails, even though the smoking method is the same throughout.

    What’s the best cocktail concoction?

    We’ve included a Cocktail Recipe Card with every smoking kit, which offers our recommendations using the wood flavours specific to And Molotov. Keep an eye on our Cocktail Recipes Blog, exciting cocktail & wood flavour combos coming your way. But don’t let us tell you how to mix, get creative, challenge your tastebuds & bring out your inner smoke mixologist.

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