Glassware for the home bar

If you're looking to nail that housewarming gift or add to your home bar essentials, you can do all your shopping right here! With this list of choices, you’ll have glassware for every occasion and maybe a few cocktail gift ideas as well.


When choosing glassware you should be aware of a few key things. Durability is probably the most important aspect because you don’t want your brand new glasses to easily break before they can be enjoyed. Find glassware that has sufficient thickness to keep it off the too-fragile-to-use shelf. For stemmed glassware this applies to the stem also. Although the thin, dainty glass looks super classy, let's not waste money if it’s only going to last a few washes before breaking. Washing instructions are also very important! If you find a glass set that is to die for, but has specific washing instructions, make sure the gift receiver understands.


Think sophisticated cocktailsyou're probably picturing an extremely handsome Bond character holding his signature beverage. The martini glass is the most commonly known cocktail glass, and hence, it's the first choice for a gift. They come in tall & short styles, or stemless to suit a more casual setting. This set of 6 is lightweight yet durable (tick, tick), Czech-made and oh so classy. Why not pair with a set of glass stirrers as featured in the cocktail gift accessories blog.

A woman with bright red nails holding a martini glass with a red cocktail and 3 olives

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Coupe glasses are another great traditional cocktail glass, perfect for serving straight up cocktails without ice. They hold a little more than a martini glass & are best chilled prior to using. Look, there are simple ones that suit a formal setting, but you deserve to celebrate your birthday in style, you diva! These pink ones are totally hot!

2 pink stemmed coupe glasses containing a pink cocktail mix and 2 pink flowers, standing on a white backdrop

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A kitchen & home bar staple is the classic rock glass or whiskey glass. Despite the common name, these glasses are not just used for whiskey on the rocks. This set of 4 whiskey rock glasses by Crystal Royale offers a money back guarantee for any postal damages, so you can rest assured if you're nervous to buy glassware online. The luxury gift box makes them perfect as a birthday present or housewarming gift. Pair with stainless steel whiskey rocks for an ice cold beverage. 

4 whiskey rock glasses in a line on a wooden bar half filled with whiskey

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Let's get a little old fashioned & appreciate how timeless glassware can be. Does this one look like something from your grandparents glass cabinet? These Russian crystal wine glasses tell a story & just so happen to be my favorite! Fill with your (daily) drop of wine or serve up an Aperol spritz with an orange wheel to garnish.

6 old fashioned wine glasses in a staggered line against a white background

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If you're looking for something multipurpose a highball glass is the perfect choice. Whether you're mixing a cocktail, enjoying a soda or simply re-hydrating on a fresh glass of h2o, tumbler glasses are super versatile & practical. This set of 6 is affordable & features a contemporary yet classic gold trimming. Grab some stainless steel drinking straws while you're at it. 

a highball glass containing a bubbly gold liquid and ice next to a fresh whole lemon

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With all this fantastic glassware to choose from, it's important not to stuff up the cocktail building steps. Here are the bar tool necessities you’ll need for making the perfect drinks with the glasses of your choice. Grab a cocktail shaker kit to pair with your glasses for the ultimate gift or home bar setup.

A range of barware for bartenders including a black cocktail shaker, jigger, muddle, spoon and a glass with stainless steel straws and whiskey rocks

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Now all you need to do is figure out which cocktail recipes you’ll want to use with all these amazing choices! For smoked cocktail inspiration, check out the &M recipes.


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