Cocktail gift accessories for parties & cocktail enthusiasts

Shopping for your cocktail enthusiast friend doesn’t have to be a struggle. Here's a list of interesting & unusual accessories you can buy for someone who may already have the basic bar setup but could use a little something extra to really embellish that hobby of theirs.


For a simple gift to give someone who already has an established glassware collection, definitely consider this pack of stunning glass stirrers. There's a wide variety of stirrer designs out there, but these mini pineapples & cacti are just so darn cute. Perfect as a small gift or add-on that won't break the bank.

6 small glass stirrers for cocktails with pineapples, flamingos and cactus on the ends

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Cocktail glass rimmers are another underrated yet affordable choice if you need a simple small gift for cocktail enthusiasts. They'll add that extra level of flavour & make hosting twice as much fun. Don't mess around with pouring the salt for your margarita onto a plate & wasting a heap, or trying to dip your glass into the sugar jar for that sweet martini.

Small round metal tray filled with salt next to a small cocktail glass

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Where are all the shot glasses when you need them?! You can never have too many, plus this set doubles as a glassware gift as well as a fun party game of tic tac toe. A fun house party addition to really liven things up & keep the good times.. ticking!

9 shot glasses some half-full of whiskey, used in a game of tic tac toe

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A cocktail shaker is a home bar must have! 2-piece Boston shakers are a popular choice in many bars, but I'd recommend a 3-piece Cobbler shaker which includes a built-in strainer in the lid! This super modern matte-black one adds a little touch of elegance to each pour & looks great on any bar cart! The extra benefit of this kit is that it includes the other basic tools necessary for making both simple & advanced cocktail's at homewinning!

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Looking for something that can be for used for all occasions? This multi-purpose KROSNO glass pitcher & stirrer is a perfect choice. The hand blown glass is made by artisans in Krosno, Poland, meaning that no two sets are the same! Super unique, every bar could use one!

Glass pitcher and stirring spoon sitting on a bar with a martini glass and olive

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Adding to the simple but fun gift ideas, how about coasters? But not just any coasters will do! A set of coasters with cocktail recipes are a practical & amusing gift for sure. Stuck for cocktail inspo? This set includes 15 different cocktail recipes, making this present the perfect two in one deal. Here's a list of glassware for the home bar you'll be needing to go with these coasters.

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If the person you're shopping for has all these great gift ideas, then the best has definitely been saved for last. This cocktail entertainer kit will open both your mind & your senses to a whole new dimension of smoke infused aromas. The kit includes an amazing glass dome used for smoking cocktails, which fits many different shaped drinking glasses. What do you say, ready to enhance your cocktail sipping experience?

A Negroni cocktail sitting on top of a bar with a large glass dome full of smoke hovering over it

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