Best food to eat when sipping a cocktail

We all know James Bond’s arguably most famous words “shaken not stirred”. And every cocktail lover worth their salt most certainly can tell you just how to mix up the perfect blend. But have you ever wondered what James Bond would eat while sipping on his medium dry vodka martini? Probably not. Fear not! Here's a run down of the best foods, tastes and flavors to complement your cocktails. Become the master of beverage and food fixing.


No surprises here as we start off our cocktail-and-food master class. The Negroni is a classic Italian cocktail that sits well on the palate. A food that complements the taste really well is a nice hard cheese, like Pecorino or a lovely Parmesan. A similar cocktail that blends nicely with cheese is a Boulevardier, the Negroni's whiskey-based sibling. They're sharp and flavoursome.. both the cheeses & the cocktails that is.

hard cheeses on a wooden cheese board 


Salmon is often a cheese platter feature, especially at cocktail parties. The key with such delicate salmon flavors is to not overpower them with the drink, but to balance the two. If you have a lemon or citrus based cocktail, salmon or a dish with olive oil goes down in a delectable mouthful. If you're indulging in a delectable fish couscous, seafood platter or smoked salmon, try a nice sparkly French 75 cocktail. The solid presence of gin, means it pairs well with spicy dishes too.

sliced salmon on rye toast with lemon, basil and cucumber 


Sticking with the spicy theme here, Thai food is a popular style of cuisine. With much depth & complexity, the large mix of spices & flavors lends itself to a fruit-based cocktail as the best pairing option. If the dish leans more towards the sour side, opt for something with a sweeter taste. Think strawberries, chocolate liqueur and caramel syrup to balance out chili-heavy dishesyum!

a wooden table covered in Thai food dishes


Hola to another popular cocktail, the Margarita, and to one of my all-time favourite foods! You don’t need anything fancy to pair with this classic drink, just a Mexican nachos fiesta! A simple complement of nachos gives a great rounding off to the salty, citrusy flavors associated with a Margarita. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Mexican nachos dish on a table with avocado, jalapenos, chilies and limes.


As we know, mint and lamb are often paired together on the plate, so opt for a mint julep or a mojito with that rack of lamb. If you prefer red meat for your Sunday roast, cocktails that utilize rosemary, like in a gin cocktail such as a gimlet, are a great choice! For a heavy meal like thanksgiving, consider something with a cranberry flavor burst, like a Cosmopolitan or a Rose Kennedy cocktail. Remember that the cocktail and the dish should complement each other, not compete.

a rare cooked rack of lamb in an oven dish with colourful roast veggies


If you have a dish with complex flavors, go for a simple cocktail pairing. On the flip side, for a relatively straight-forward dish, try a cocktail with a large mix of flavors to round off the experience. Missing the cocktail mixing tools? The Basic Bartender contains top-notch productsa great way to get you into cocktail mixing like a boss, with the least fuss! 


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