Aroma & Flavour Guide - for &M smoked cocktails

So you're not sure which kit to choose or maybe which Smoke Fuel bundle to add to your collection. If you know your favourite cocktail, match it up with our suggestions & follow the steps on the Recipe Card provided in each kit. Favourite not on the list? Get creative & try something new. These aint' any ordinary bits of wood from the backyard, they possess unique aromas that will get those nostrils tingling and reinvent your cocktail sipping experience through the addition of smoke.

Red Wine Oak Barrel Pellets   |   Strong Flavour

100% Australian wood pellets, Red Wine Oak Barrel

We love wine & we LOVE cocktails, so in the words of our favourite Amigos, por que no los dos? This flavour brings back all the nostalgia of wandering through the vineyards & maaaybe having a few too many vinos at the cellar door. Call us a little old fashioned but we like this one with, well, an Old Fashioned cocktail. Ok, you're way more hip than us, it's a Manhattan for you infused in a combo mix with Black Cherry chips.

Red Delicious Apple Wood Chips   |   Moderate Flavour

100% Australian wood chips, Red Delicious Apple

The most fruitylicious flavour that ever did live. Commonly used as a meat & cheese smoking staple, Apple is a best seller and features in all of our Smoked Cocktail Kits. Like rum? infuse Apple with a Dark & Stormy cocktail. Prefer gin? Give a Negroni a go. Feeling adventurous? Mix with our Ironbark Wood Shavings in a Tom Collins cocktail for a lemony kick.

Black Cherry Wood Chips   |   Mild Flavour

100% Australian wood chips, Black Cherry

Enhance your basic beverage with a subtly sweet aroma. Cherry compliments both a fruit blended or spirit based concoction. Whiskey Sour cocktails win our vote for this one, or why not try mixing it with another Smoke Fuel flavour? We don't make the rules around here, you do.

Jarrah Wood Shavings   |   Strong Flavour

100% Australian wood shavings, Jarrah

Produces dense & earthy smoke with rich oak & tobacco aromas. This one is a feisty little flavour & a little goes a long way. Don't expect as much wild billowing smoke from wood shavings, but certainly expect a wicked aroma. Try kicking your Rusty Nail cocktail up a notch, are you up for the challenge?

Ironbark Wood Shavings   |   Moderate Flavour

100% Australian wood shavings, Ironbark

A versatile aroma with fresh hints of native Lemon Myrtle. Think smoked cocktails are only for dark spirits on cold nights? Wrong. Ironbark is a beauty for mixing with gin based spirits in the warmer weather. Try mixing this in a combo with Red Delicious Apple Wood Chips and infuse a Tom Collins cocktail as a warm weather treat.

Spotted Gum Wood Shavings   |   Mild Flavour

100% Australian wood shavings, Spotted Gum

If you love your cocktail flavours just the way they are but simply want to add a smoky texture without a massive flavour change, this is your guy. For a delicate, slightly nutty aroma, add to something like a Godfather scotch based cocktail and feel yourself sink down into that lounge chair.


We're always looking to expand our delicious collection of Smoke Fuel flavours. What flavour do you want to see next? Comment below & watch us work our magic...

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