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Adelaide can be a humble, sleepy little city most of the year. But something we do pretty damn well, is re-energize the world of laneway & basement hangouts - Broadsheet Adelaide certainly knows whats up. Maybe you're a Saturday arvo footy beer kinda guy, or Tuesday in your PJs at 9pm with a glass of Shiraz is more your scene. For me, it's all about the endless combinations of locally distilled & internationally awarded spirits, the cute little cinnamon quill or rosemary sprig garnishes, the tiki mug vs the martini glass, and the smoke, especially the smoke. This fascination travels with me to new places, but where did it begin?

Let me be real with you, I definitely base my holidays around the best rated & most unique bars & restaurants at my destination. However some of my favourite smoky infused beverage memories occurred by simply stumbling into the right cocktail bar, at just the right time. As a result of not being able to get a table at my planned eatery in Shinjuku Japan, my main man Ed & I were directed into a cocktail bar at the tippy-tip of what seemed like a regular residential apartment building on the levels below. We found ourselves in Bar Benfiddich where mixologists created the most awe-inspiring cocktails from scratch, literally, the raw ingredients came straight from the wall-lined apothecary jars behind the bar. If you're a fan of cocktail work of art, be warned, you'll be blown away by this magic mixology like I was. Flying back onto home soil, I took my sister Laura to Hippo Co. in Canberra for her first fiercely crafted smoked cocktail encounter. The expression of disbelief when she was handed a glass of twisting, billowing smoke, I'll never forget. I trust it'll be a memory she cherishes from our stay.

Let's take a moment to appreciate the memories formed around the humble camp fire. It's light is completely mesmerizing, it unites us and blocks out the daily grind. It provides us with toasted, gooey, mini sugar clouds, mmmm. And the scent, it lingers and somehow manages to weave it's way into every damn inch of my hair & park itself there for some time. Be it a Christmas BBQ or camping trips as a kid, smoke has a way of captivating me. What a feeling of happiness, and what incredible memories I can recall from a simple camp fire encounter.

So what relevance does this have with the About Us section of a recently-launched & solely operated Smoked Cocktail Kit business? This is my inspiration, these are the memories I savour & endeavour to never let dissipate. However, the real kick in the direction towards a business startup came from home whilst going through a rough time after an unanticipated career change. I decided to replace my new-found unemployment with my love of cocktails & created Australia's first Smoked Cocktail Kit, giving the average Joe the chance to feel like the ultimate Wizard at cocktail making. And here it is.

We're not here to reinvent the wheel, and we're certainly not trying to recreate the way you enjoy a cocktail in your down-time. Keep doing what you already know & love, but add to it. Add smoke. It's just another cocktail sipping night, And Molotov.

Thanks for reading.

Alice &M

And Molotov Smoked Cocktail Kit

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