A flamin' awesome gift for Dad this Father's Day

We've all seen it before. Dad slouched back in his lounge chair, the TV blaring, an empty scotch glass in one hand, and snoring away. Yep Ian (Dad), you're a predictable man. But unlike you, I'm full of surprises, which is why I have the best idea for making that 'night cap' a little more delicious this Father's Day.

Stainless Steel Whiskey Rocks RRP $24 - FREE this Father's Day!

Que And Molotov, our newest and most unique way to turn your usual beverage into a DIY smoked one.. or in Dad's case, his highly predicable night cap. Whether your Grandpa/Uncle/Step Dad is a simple bloke and enjoys a scotch on the rocks, or he's adventurous and has an Old Fashioned on a Friday night, I bet he's a lover of all things smoky! Campfires, cigars, BBQs - pretty much anything that burns, right?

Check out our Smoked Cocktail Kits in action by Adelaide bartender Noah. Clearly, these kits are super simple to use.. even for Dad.

For all the Dad's out there, we're giving an extra little gift with every purchase made this Father's Day. Score a free 6 pack of Stainless Steel Whiskey Rocks with every purchase plus the code DADROCKS and be Dad's favourite (again). Order within the last week of August to make Dad's day on September 1st - full delivery times on our FAQ page.

Stainless Steel Whiskey Rocks RRP $24 - FREE this Father's Day!


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