And Molotov is enhancing your cocktail experience with Australia's No.1 Smoked Cocktail Kit found in homes & bars worldwide.

Ever wanted to bring the excitement & flavour of a high-end cocktail bar into your own home? I certainly did, and after noticing that there weren't sufficient products to help me create a theatrical, smoky cocktail at home—And Molotov was born!

Since launching the website in November 2018, And Molotov has created intrigue for those unfamiliar with the niche product, provided a solution for those who love to entertain and expanded the possibilities for those who love cocktails.

Be it a fancy Negroni or a simple scotch on the rocks, And Molotov provides the barware tools to create & infuse your regular cocktail with different Australian wood smokes. Not only is it visually captivating, but you'll find your nostrils tingling from the new dimension of aroma, making it a full sensory experience.

The process is simple, no prior training required. The uniquely aromatic wood chips, shavings or pellets are placed on one end of a slate dish and ignited using a small but powerful butane torch lighter. The large glass dome is placed over the burning pile, allowing the smoke to billow as a cocktail is prepared. After a swift transfer of the smoke-filled dome over the cocktail glass, the smoke infusion begins.

With And Molotov you can keep doing what you already know & love, but add to it—add smoke. Add drama. Add flavour. Add an extra special & unique layer. It's an exciting cocktail sipping night, And Molotov.

So I guess the big question is, how do you like yours?—shaken, stirred or SMOKED?

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"And Molotov, a local cocktail smoking business… we’re intrigued."
Adelaide Pub Hosting A Gin Affair For Gin Aficionados On World Gin Day
Glam Adelaide - May 17, 2019
Alice Klingberg
Owner & Founder, 0434 677 199
I'm Alice, a commercial pilot & cocktail enthusiast, taking time away from my usual airborne office & growing my entrepreneurial skills so that when, where & how often I work is finally dictated by me, nobody else. Favourite cocktail right now: An Amaretto Sour (the Jeffrey Morgenthaler version)... with cherry wood smoke, of course!
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""Packaging is amazing, product is great & so well presented. I'm really impressed, awesome product!""
- Jess, Brookvale NSW (private email)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
""Talk about adding a bit of theatrical magic to your next dinner event with friends.""
- David, Prospect SA (Instagram comment)
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""This is a present game changer!""
- Onio Boutique, Prospect SA (Instagram comment)
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